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Scary Teacher Obessions

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A fun community to discuss those disturbing obessions we have over our teachers! Not that we'd ever really do anything to them.. Right?


We're just a bunch of whorish virgins who are craving to get our cherries stolen by our experienced adult professors!

Haha, no not really, but it's fun to talk about! None of the members in this community would ever do the illegal act of having relationships with an adult, but we're pretty damn close. ;P

"snape", being his jailbait, chemistry, chiropractics, comb-overs, cross country, french-men, going to golf games, juan pedro, manly bulge, mexico, mr. fisher, mr. jaworski ow ow, mr. prevost's secret life, naughtyness, obession, old men, physics, running, shakira, smiling man, south america, spanish, sweaters, track, wanting to be cradle-robbed