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Just wanted to say..

Welcome new members! And hello old ones! :D

I was curious if any of you had any suggestions to make this community a more enjoyable one? For instance.. Themed weeks perhaps, or something along those lines..

All suggestions appriciated! <3

Stay lovely,

-Mod- Tinkerbell (once Satanic Moose)
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I am new and my name is Angela. I am not quite sure what the nickname thing is but Richard is the man I love. His name is all over my journal and I have no fear of using it. LOL! So I just dropped in to say hello.

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Wow, haven't updated in so long.. Hmm.. Not much to add. Sad to say I haven't seen Juan Pedro out in a while. :(

And I'm thinking, was there anyone that needed to be added to the list? Hmm..

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Saving our Image Hosted by ImageShack.us just for _______ .

Comment to fill in the blank with that special teacher. Choose only one, darlings. ;)

What's my answer?

Juan Pedro, oh yes.

**Also, please only use code names. Refer to first entry for such code names.**


<3 Satanic Moose
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Now With Codenames ONLY, but given with hints..

Teachers to be talked about so far..:

*Juan Pedro (loves Shakira)
*Snape (loves Chemistry)
*Turtle (loves riding his bike)
*Computer Chip (loves computers)
*Swinger (I spelled his name wrong)
*Alfred (Batman's butler)

Please comment with suggestions of code names for each. Then, this post will be edited and names will be replaced with new code names.


Your Whorish Virgin Moderator- Satanic Moose
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